Education, Communication, & The U.S. Constitution

How does the U.S. Constitution shape methods of human communication? Previously, I wrote about morality as understood in Civics and Sociology and how morality is largely a consent-based tool of communication. For the U.S. Constitution to be an effective set of principles to direct society, the people who live within its vicinity must be a…

The Human Species & The U.S. Constitution: An Introduction

What came first: The Human Species as we know it, or the U.S. Constitution? Language has a physiological component, which develops based on environments: For more information on this, I invite you to listen to Translation Podcast 1: Language Is CoCreation or read the text here. In this analysis, we move into how the U.S.…

Language Is Co-Creation: Text

Language is co-creation of the environments we live in. I am looking at the very nature of language, which is a tool to provide meaning–and also a tool to create the essence of meaning. One could say meaning actively acknowledges, signifies, justifies, or accepts values.How is it that populations determine correct and incorrect ways of…

Language Is Co-Creation: Podcast

Listen on: LBRYAnchor.fmSpotify How is it that populations determine correct and incorrect ways of speaking or writing– or even correct and incorrect ways of thinking? This is the beginning of the discussion: The relationship of how language fosters cognitive abilities.

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